10 Cool Innovations to Celebrate Robotics Week

In honor of National Robotics Week, we’re highlighting our most popular robotics stories from the past year.

#1. Robots Keep Tabs On Fans at Brazil World Cup – The Brazilian government and law enforcement officials pit terrorists or hooligans against an unusual foe: a military-grade robot called PackBot.

#2. Robot Learns From Watching YouTube Videos – Can a robot learn to make a soufflé or a stir-fry the same way many of us do, by spending afternoon watching cooking videos? New research at the University of Maryland suggests it’s possible.

#3. Harvard’s Kilobots Collaborate, Self-OrganizeHarvard’s Kilobots Collaborate, Self-Organize– Harvard faculty members unveil a swarm of tiny robots, dubbed “kilobots.” These self-organizing robots hint at the future of collective intelligence and an Internet of cooperative things.

#4. Smart Robot is Safeguard for Live-Alone Seniors – For the many senior adults who live by themselves—12 million in the United States alone—a new robot companion is on the way. The smart, connected GiraffPlus system notifies caregivers of potentially urgent situations like falls, inform physicians of behavioral and physiological changes that could signal a need for new or modified medical treatment, and help seniors maintain social connections.

#5. Robots: How Human Should We Make Them? – In both the consumer and industrial worlds, scientists are working to make robots more human like. But while there are some common goals—and even similar applications—the vision can be quite different.

#6. Drones Are Friends: 4 Cool Uses for UAVs – From mail delivery to poolside assistance and movie making, drones have myriad useful, exciting, and sometimes entertaining applications.

#7. 3 Amazing Underwater Robots – New types of robots—underwater autonomous vehicles or AUVs—are helping to open the ocean to researchers in new ways. Marine robots today can rebuild coral ecosystems, measure the thickness of ice floes, and explore the ocean floors.

#8. 16-Foot Drone Joins Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 – The Bluefin-21, a small autonomous underwater vehicle, is the best hope for finding Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

#9. Next Industrial Robot Could Be a Kangaroo – The kangaroo’s graceful movements, recreated by a development team from Festo’s Bionic Learning Network, could be an intelligent way of recovering energy in industrial automation and might be applied to the automated tools it makes for factory assembly lines.

#10. Surgical Robotics Industry will Quadruple – Contemporary robotic systems have come a long way. Today, some of the most compelling advances in robotics can be seen in the surgical field.




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