2014 Year in Review, Part 1

2014 Year in Review

2014 was a busy year for EnvisionTEC. We kept building throughout North America with http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/09/11/3d-printer-oem-envisiontec-stre... ">new partnerships, and won recognition at home. Take a look at some of our best moments from the year.


Producing jewelry with 3D printing has never been so precise and cost-professional 3d printer, commercial 3d printer, rapid prototyping, 3d printer models, 3D Printer software, 3D printing software, 3d printing materials, MCAD, Patterns for metal casting, 3D Toys, presentation models, prototype tooling, 3D prototyping, desktop 3D printer, Exede 3SP, Xtreme 3SP, Ultra 3SP,Perfactory Micro desktop, Perfactory 4 Mini, Perfactory4 Mini XL, Micro Advantage, Micro DDP, Micro DGP, Micro DSP S, Micro DSP M, Micro DSP L, Micro EDU, Micro HiRTes, Perfactory 4 Mini XL, Perfactory 3 Mini multilens, Perfactory Aureus, Perfactory, Apollo, Micro Ortho, EnvisionTECeffective! In March, EnvisionTEC announced the release of the Perfactory® Micro Advantage 3D printer for the high-volume jeweler. With a build envelope of 60 x 45 x 100 mm and an XY resolution as low as 50 microns, the Micro Advantage offers the same reliability and surface quality of the Micro Hi-Res with greater design capabilities. The
Perfactory® Apollo, announced in April, works with most jewelry resins and has a build envelope of 100 x 75 x 100 mm, more than two times larger than that of the Aureus.

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EnvisionTEC also introduced EPIC material, featuring the casting capability of EC-500 along with the crispness of PIC needed for creating fine detail when casting or molding pieces.


It was a big year for the dental sector in 2014 with more solutions for dental and orthodontic applications. EnvisionTEC found greater precision and clients Dental Services Group and Albensi Laboratories found widespread success. EnvisionTEC now supports more applications in digital dental and orthodontics than before, with guided surgery complemented by a new 3D printer, the Micro Drill Guide Printer, alsprofessional 3d printer, commercial 3d printer, dental 3d printing, 3d printing dental implants, 3d printing dental, 3Dent, Ultra 3SP Ortho, Pixecra, Perfactory 4 DDP, Micor DDP, Micro Ortho, Photosensitive resins, drill guides, EnvisionTECo known as the Micro DGP.
EnvisionTEC along with Dillehay Orthodontic Lab discovered a method for performing an indirect bonding process for placing braces on patients using 3D printed models. Though 3D printed models offer greater precision and accuracy, indirect bonding is typically performed using plaster models, which allow brackets to disengage from the model onto a retainer. Most 3D printed materials adhered to the brackets, until Dillehay refined a process for using 3D printed models created with a 3SP system documented here.

Download: Indirect Bonding

Download: Indirect Bonding

Download the Indirect Bonding White Paper here.

In addition to this process, in 2014 EnvisionTEC developed and released a material for the creation of plastic retainers. New Ortho Tough material for both 3SP and Micro systems features the accuracy needed for creating well-fitting appliances along with the composition to support thermoforming.

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