2014 Year in Review, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of EnvisionTEC’s Year in Review where we cover some of the biggest news from 2014. Here’s some of our biggest achievements in manufacturing and biomedical applications.

See Part 1 here.


In 2014, EnvisionTEC expanded its offerings for computer-aided manufacturing and design sectors. Whether your company is situated in consumer goods, dynamic systems, or rapid prototyping, EnvisionTEC committed 2014 to new materials and desktopmachines for custom solutions.

The Perfactory® Desktop XL is the new chairside machine that brings power to your workstation. Featuring a larger build envelope than the Micro, the Desktop XL answers the call for a flexible 3D printing solution for small businesses.
After much anticipation, EnvisionTEC formally released the Xtreme® 3SP®. The sister 3D printer to the Xede®


The Xtreme 3SP

3SP®, the Xtreme features large-frame capabilities with a build size of 10” x 15” x 13”. Debuting at EuroMold 2014, the Xtreme brings larger than life 3SP precision to manufacturing.

ABS 3SP Tough in Black, Gray

ABS 3SP Tough in Black, Gray

To round out 3SP solutions, EnvisionTEC released an array of new materials for MCAD applications. These include E-Glass 3SP featuring glass-like clarity for verification and design purposes, along with ABS-like plastics for 3SP, Perfactory and Micro systems, including ABS Flex and ABS Tough.  Finally, Superflex offers a durable yet flexible polypropylene-like properties upon curing.  These new series offer a gamut of flexural strength and durability to back the end use of these parts in a variety of functions.


Finally, EnvisionTEC is proud to recap 2014 as a great year for biomedical advancements made with EnvisionTEC systems. The 3D-Bioplotter® won the DeviceMed Award at the 2014 COMPAMED Trade Fair, and has featured in several research projects. EnvisionTEC released the Bioplotter Developer series with 5 depositories for advanced operations, and went on the showcase the system around the world, in the USA, Asia and in Europe.

dr ramille shah

Northwestern’s SHAH Lab was very active this year with their Bioplotter research. At RAPID 2014, Dr. Ramille Shah’s team presented work with developing scaffolds that become tissue and integrate into the body. This year SHAH Lab SHAH Lab also announced

Rocky Tuan, PhD, is a professor and executive vice chairman of the department of orthopedic surgery as well as the director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine developing 3D printed cartilage with the EnvisionTEC Perfactory®.

columbia meniscus3compare-584x2723D-ink materials, which work within scaffolds in order to mimick and repair parts of the human body. Dr. Rocky Tuan at the University of Pittsburgh has broken through with 3D printed cartilage using light processing of the DLP technology, while researchers at Columbia University have created a 3D printed knee meniscus to see implantation in 2015.
We had a great year in 2014, thanks to all our amazing clients, partners, and staff! Here’s to another good one — come build the future with us. Expect more great things in 2015.

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