3D Printer Manufacturer EnvisionTEC® and 3D Software Provider 3Shape® Announce Integration

Dearborn, Michigan, February 27, 2015 – EnvisionTEC® and 3Shape are pleased to announce that they have successfully completed the integration of the EnvisionTEC 3Dent™ machine with 3Shape®’s Dental System and CAMbridge™ for high-speed and high-precision production of dental models and dies.

An extensive validation process was performed by 3shape confirming the accuracy and quality of the EnvisionTEC 3Dent™ models where sectioned models, un-sectioned models, and dies were built on the 3Dent™ machines.
The models and dies were printed in E-Denstone material, then scanned using the 3Shape® scanner before being validated by Convince™quality control software.

The results exceeded the accuracy requirements of the dental market for models and dies as defined by 3Shape.

The 3Dent™ machine is already installed and integrated in the dental model production processes of many dental labs all over the world. Don Albensi, COO of Albensi Laboratories in Pennsylvania, employs a 3Dent® for model production and stresses that one of the most valued aspects of his EnvisionTEC® printer is “The quality of the print, the accuracy of the material, and the ease of use”.

Mr. Albensi’s CAD/CAM technician, Chris Bolsom, further comments on the ease of integration between their 3Shape® software and their 3Dent® printer, “It’s very easy to use the 3Shape® Model Design software. It’s broken down step by step. All we have to do is nest the file. It’s a nice clean model, the file geometry is correct, and the software does a nice job of closing holes and hollowing. Once you get the model to Cambridge, it’s basically plug and play. You load the software, load the job, and press start on the 3Dent®. It couldn’t be easier.”

To view the test results,
See: http://envisiontec.com/case-studies/3shape-test-case/
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3Shape is a Danish company specializing in the development and marketing of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions. 3Shape envisions the age of “full digital dentistry,” and its nearly 500 employees, including more than 200 developers provide superior innovation power toward reaching this goal. 3Shape’s solutions are applied in thousands of labs in more than 100 countries worldwide, putting 3Shape technologies at the peak of the market in relation to units produced per day by dental technicians. With TRIOS®, 3Shape brings its vast expertise and innovation power directly to dentists. 3Shape boosts its first-line distributor support network with a training and support force of over 60 in-house experts placed in 5 support and service centers strategically located around the globe. 3Shape is a privately-held company headquartered in Copenhagen, with the market’s largest team dedicated to scanner and software development for the dental segment based in Denmark and Ukraine, production facilities in Poland, and Business Development & Support Offices at several locations in Europe, in North America, Latin America and in Asia.
For further information regarding 3Shape, please refer to www.3shapedental.com. Visit us on www.facebook.com/3shape, or view our mobile site on m.3shapedental.com.

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