Acer’s HD 3D Projector

Lot of power, great value, small package

Acer let us play with two of their newest projectors, the H5370BD and a H6510BD a native 1920 x 1080p resolution, 120 Hz projector, with 4:3/16:9/L.Box aspect ratios enabling 3D content projected via DLP Link Technology: Blu-Ray 3D and Nvidia 3DTV Play. The H9500 is a scaled down version of the H5370BD and has a native 720p resolution at 120 Hz. The H6510BD also has a built-in 2D to 3D converter.

Acer’s 3D HD projector H6510BD (Acer)


The projector is bright and crisp, offering 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 3000 Lm brightness, and a F2.59 to 2.87 lens and a 1.x zoom factor with a 2x digital zoom capability. There are two HDMI v1.04 inputs, as well as USB, and VGA, and it even has a small speaker in it. Acer reckons the 210W lamp will last at least 4000 hours, and if you run it conservatively 5000 hours.

Acer’s H6510BD DRIVING A 12 FOOT SCREEN: notice how bright and sharp the corners are


We lit up a 12 foot 1.3x gain silver screen, 14 feet away, in a semi darkened room, and it was bright—really bright. The projector can be mounted on a low table, or from the ceiling. When ceiling mounted the image has to be turned upside down, which is easily accomplished from the report. The remote by the way is IR, and at first we thought it was going to be a pain, especially since in our installation the projector is behind us—no one want to have to turn around and aim a RC at the projector. Not a problem. The IR sensor is very sensitive, and has a very wide field of view so you can do the natural thing of aiming at the screen. The IR is reflected from the screen to the projector, very nice, and best of all, it works.  

FULL HD at 120Hz driven from a PC via HDMI


The projector has all the geometry controls, (keystoning, V and H positioning) as well as sharpness and focus as you would expect in a projector costing thousands of dollars—but wait! This amazing projector is just $799 retail and we could find it for as low as $703 (CompSource).

What do we think?

Acer has always impressed us with their projector and monitor products, and this HD6510BD is the best yet. It’s a full service small form factor projector for home entertainment, office—could even be used in your backyard for outdoor movies. All that plus 3D makes the HD6510BD an extraordinary value.--  J.P.