Additive Manufacturing Takes Center Stage at SAMPE Seattle 2017

Aerospace is an industry that has embraced and moved additive manufacturing forward in many ways.  It’s a space that continues to enhance all of the ways in which 3D printing can be utilized to lower costs and bring the designs of the future to life. Whether it’s used in development of cabin vent fans and chair armrests, or in the jet engine parts going to the moon, we’ve been lucky to be on the forefront of this transformation gathering and sharing data with our clients and customers.

To punctuate this information, we are excited to be hosting a series of lunch sessions at the upcoming SAMPE 2017 in Seattle on Tuesday May 23, and Wednesday May 24, 2017.  These sessions are designed to provide a roadmap for additive manufacturing technology implementation and to answer the questions posed by R&D departments and operations leaders.  The content will be presented by experts from Orbital ATK, Aurora Flight Sciences, SSL and Dassault Falcon Jet.  All of the sessions will feature a Stratasys representative to help provide context and make the information engaging and interactive.  The sessions will be discussing the multiple ways in which composite tooling can assist in aircraft completion, the application of specific materials, and the implementation of FDM technology into current production processes.  If you are interested in joining us for these presentations from industry leaders sharing their experiences on the use of additive manufacturing for composite tooling, a wide range of manufacturing aids, and production parts register here!

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