AddSelected Command

AutoCAD 2011 introduced the command ADDSELECTED which allows you to create a new object based on the object type and properties of a selected object. For example, if you have a circle on layer “Geometry” whose color is hard set to red. Run the ADDSELECTED command, pick the circle then the CIRCLE command is initiated. When you are done drawing it, it will be on the layer “Geometry” and it’s color will be red. You can also pre-select an entity and choose ADDSELECTED from the right-click menu.

ADDSELECTED can also be very useful when creating hatch objects. Say you are working in a drawing where there are multiple hatched areas and you are creating more of them. Using ADDSELECTED, not only will the layer and color of the copy match, but you do not have to know the pattern name, the scale, or the rotation angle. They will match also. Just pick the original, then select the new object to be hatched.

Also see the command reference for a list of properties. per object type, supported by this command.