AMD’s A10 Kaveri impresses

As discussed in this week’s issue of TechWatch, AMD publicly announced their newest APU, the Kaveri A10/8 family; of that family, the low-end device is the A8-7600.

THE KAVERI family lineup from AMD.


AMD has published some impressive test results comparing their high-end A10 with Intel’s mid-range i5 chips, and doing very well in the comparisons.
We got an entry-level A8-7600 and tested it against an entry-level i7 from Intel; the results were impressive.

THE A8-7800 outperformed the i7 in games by an average of 58%.


CPU TESTS show Intel’s i7 strengths. (*Firestrike Normal settings are 1920 x 1080.)


KAVERI WINS in all parameters, resulting in high Pmarks.


The A8-7600 is housed in a very slick-looking cube, the Xigmatek Nebula case from Asrock, which is great to look at and damn tough to photograph. This is a new box for Asrock—they don’t even have it up on their website yet. 

The test results pretty much speak for themselves.  

The configuration of the system has two operation modes, adjustable via the BIOS control “target TDP.” This permits end users or system integrators/OEMs to specify the TDP of the part, which has the following effects on clocks:

The A8-7600 system shows off the performance offered at the low TDP point. At AMD’s Kaveri Tech Day, AMD’s CTO Joe Macri spoke about how the SoC was designed for the 35W target TDP and scaled down—“And in the case of desktop, up. At 45W cTDP mode, you should see the A8-7600 push a 3DMark Firestrike score in excess of what the previous generation could do,” he said. Richland can achieve, at 100W TDP. This leads to all kinds of interesting things you can do with such a low TDP desktop chip, including the form factors like the Xigmatek Nebula we tested with


What do we think?

If you’re looking for a low-cost gaming machine, a AMD Kaveri-based system will serve you well. If you need a machine to do more traditional IT operations, the i7 with its more powerful CPU would be a good choice if the price is right.

Overall, the A8 is an impressive chip, and no one-size-fits-all, so when evaluated in the price range it is addressing, it’s a lot of system for the money.