AMD APU-based HP Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook

AMD sent an HP Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook for us to evaluate. We used a couple of recent notebooks for comparison and ran several tests. 

The basic specifications of the notebooks are shown in the table below. We used CloudGate and FireStrike 3DMark benchmarks and PCMark7 to compare the notebooks, and those results are shown in the charts on the following page. The tests track pretty closely. The Razor Blade has the faster CPU and GPU, so it’s not surprising that it has the edge when it comes to graphics benchmarks.

PMark and P4Mark (fun with numbers) 

We developed the PMark for evaluating graphics boards. 

It’s a simple equation that compares power (watts), performance (benchmark), and price. We thought we could use it for evaluating notebooks by re-placing the power parameter with battery life. However, we couldn’t get reliable battery-life data, so we substituted pounds (weight), an equally important factor in notebook selection.

We used the CloudGate GT2 scores for performance.

But then we got to thinking, what about screen size and resolution—PPI? Should that be considered, too? Jon, who loves high resolution and says the more you can see the more you can do, emphatically said Yes. So we added a multiplier, PPI, and created P4Mark. The net results of the evaluations are shown in the chart on the following page.

Looking at the PMarks, it is possible to make a judgment based on parameters other than just graphics benchmarks. 

What do we think?

With all the choices available today, choosing a notebook is a bit like picking a date—everyone is going to have different criteria for their selection. Jon will always go for maximum screen and resolution and minimum weight, and he doesn’t care about price. Ted wants maximum performance and screen and doesn’t care about weight. Alex wants maximum screen and performance and doesn’t care about weight, and he is a little more concerned about price than Jon. Randall is happy with a ChromeBook, and Kathleen wants it to be cool, light, run Win8, and have an SSD. Me, I want performance (I carry the Razer).