Announcing the BricsCAD USA Forums!

The BricsCAD USA Forums are live on!

When the team at BricsCAD USA compared notes, we realized that many of the questions asked by both potential and current BricsCAD users could be answered much more quickly if we posted a FAQ. So we did.

It got stale pretty quickly, and it wasn’t really taggable/searchable. So we stepped back for a minute and asked Marvin, our web guru: “What’s the best way to present quick answers to frequently asked questions about BricsCAD?” In about 300 milliseconds, he said “Use Forums!”

You’ll find a series of incredible Forums on, too, in the Support pages. The Bricsys Forums are the place where every BricsCAD owner can go to get direct product support from the people who make BricsCAD. That in itself is pretty amazing in the CAD industry today. We want to add to the value of the Bricsys Forums by focusing on two key groups of people here in the United States: people who are investigating BricsCAD for their needs and people who are in the process of moving from AutoCAD to BricsCAD.

We’ve built the BricsCAD USA forums to help you a.) discover if BricsCAD will work for in your design business, and b.) to help AutoCAD users get up to speed and productive with BricsCAD, the #1 DWG-based CAD system available today!

So, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re still discovering BricsCAD, use this forum:

If you have technical support questions about BricsCAD:

If you’re moving from AutoCAD to BricsCAD, and want the learn about the best, US-centric tools, information and third party application programs, go here:

Simple? We think so. Come see our forums, create a free account and join the BricsCAD Revolution! We are working hard to make 2017 “The Year of BricsCAD in the USA”!


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