ArchiCAD vs. Revit

Since I have used both ArchiCAD and Revit for a long time, I get asked which is better or which one I like best.  Sometimes I'm not even sure.  So I have started a side-by-side comparison.  It covers many facets and I will post one topic at a time.

My primary focus is the experience of the end user and not so much about what is going on behind the interface.  This is a work in progress and may take forever to get perfect, so I'm just gonna start posting what I have and go from there...

Topic 1: Graphic Display Control

ArchiCAD Grade Revit (Architecture) Grade
Layers? Layers control whether elements are shown or hidden, locked or unlocked, hidden line or solid, and wall cleanup control.  Layer combinations are used to define specific drawing view types.  Layers can become a huge and cumbersome management issue on large and long running projects.   B- No layers!  Revit uses visibility graphic controls, phases and worksets to replace the layer paradigm A
RCP vs. Floor Plan Model view options control whether the door swings, window tags or other elements are displayed.  And how things are displayed such as fill patterns.  Although this works well,  it is difficult for lower skilled non-software-savvy people to grasp. A- Revit has built in Ceiling view types that control how elements are displayed.  Each view can be modified with the visibility graphics control. A
Phasing Renovation Filters:  Nice robust options and a great GUI. A Phases: Existing, Demolition & New Construction.  Good system. A-
Flexibility Great flexibility A- Excellent flexibility.  You can control what is displayed by Model elements, annotation elements, analytical, Revit links, Imported category  (DWG link), Worksets, Filters (custom).  Hide elements by category or separately. A
View Templates There are not view templates per se in ArchiCAD, however clone folders and settings assigned to views in the view map are similar.  Although this works well,  it is difficult for lower skilled non-software-savvy people to grasp. B- Revit 2013 view templates are excellent and function is a predictable manner. A