Are Helmets safe?

Whether is standard of a helmet still can not promote the maximum use without just beginning.What happens when dropping a brick falls from 2nd floor to the concrete floor? Broken bricks can make 2, 3, 4, or it may be crumbling.

Best Motorcycle Helmet when you drop from a height of 10 m, bricks hit the ground at speed about 50 km / h, the average speed was of the motorcycle. The consequences would be like if the first victim also knock down the road with that speed!

  • The danger of traffic on the road

2013 Report of the Commission of National Traffic Safety, nearly 11,000 people die from traffic accidents, focusing most motorcycle accidents (70%). In the trauma related to the motorcycle head injuries accounted for 2/3, cause high mortality or severe sequelae. One of the main reasons indicated by the driver is not wearing a helmet or use of caps do not guarantee quality.

  • The main standard of helmet

According to national standards on helmets for motorcycle riders, motorcycle, there are 3 main types of helmets, caps which cover the whole head, ears and jaw, which protects the upper structure of the head, occipital, ears and chin areas of the hat. This is not just the best kind of helmet, but also reduces wind noise allows the team to hear better. Hat covered his head and ear both structured protect the upper part of the head, occipital and the ears should not face protection.

According to this regulation, the basic structure of the helmet consists of 3 parts: the bark hat; shock absorbent and straps. Hard hat shell, usually made of plastic or composite materials, is designed to disperse impact force out tracts, avoid focusing resources on a regional damaging the skull. In addition, easy to peel caps luminous paint was discovered on the night to help reduce accidents due to poor visibility.

Equally important is the shock absorbing layer made of soft materials such as foam, located just inside the hard shell. Collision between the casing with a hard surface in a snap to create great momentum, but thanks to soft foam layer is compressed, the collision energy is absorbed the force directly to early fall. Thin foam layer absorbs less power. But if too thick hat victim, in situations both shoulders and head touching the ground, the neck may be broken or raised first transmission.

  • The structure of helmet

Parts hat straps keep toppling backwards when driving at high speeds, big wind resistance. Not fastened or loose straps, cap easily thrown away first collision, even when the car tilted, fell victim. Adjust the straps to embrace the lower jaw while ensuring mouth can still expand.

Although safety standards, helmet still can not bring into play the most, if not just the head. The helmet is too loose prone different from the first number after the first shock, and not to comply with the protective function of the time following the collision.

Try to know the hat actually fit your head. Shaking his head from side to side, moving up and down if the position moves against early hat is the hat that is too big for you. Hat is too small will discomfort when you control the team, it leaves marks on the surface, but sometimes matching hat also makes people uncomfortable if the adjustment is not in place.

Since March 2013, the Committee for the National Traffic Safety will promote awareness and dissemination helmet use substandard quality, and coordination with the Market Management Department military test, handling the production behavior, purchasing fake helmets, helmet unqualified.

To help you easily identify and choose to buy the helmet to ensure the quality, provide some standard features of the helmet satisfactory:

  • Helmets are fake

No sticker conformance (CR), no labeling or, if so, stamps, labels are not sharp, easy to scratch, peeling off the shell hat.

The design is simple, sketchy, the details are not sharp, often mimic the fashion style cap (cap, wide-brimmed hat, fedora …).

Case made of thin plastic caps, brittle, easily scratched, brittle when bumps.

Thin foam core, soft, sinking to his fingers, from shell detachable caps. Some models do not have the foam core that only a thin layer of fabric inside.

Wire handles uncertainty, easily frayed, torn, stretched when stretched.