Are You Greedy with your AutoCAD Screen Real Estate?

Well it is Hot, Hot, Hot here in Northern California (yes - I realize it's much hotter other places in the world).  We aren't used to super hot weather (no one has an air conditioner around here).  Needless to say - the goats and the white fluffy dog are wilting (me too).  On the flip side - our tomatoes are loving it! 

An AutoCAD Hip Tip on freeing up your Screen Real Estate

With so many different UI pieces of the AutoCAD puzzle (tool palettes, toolbars, the Ribbon, etc) it's easy to clutter up the drawing editor.  But the real star is your drawing - and it deserves as much room as it can get!  Check out my Cadalyst video that provides some tips on freeing up your AutoCAD screen real estate.



Not exactly the most glamorous shot of me there.  I hope you enjoy it...(as for me - I'm off to get an ice-cold soda!)

I suppose it's not very green of us to huddle around the open freezer door...drats!