AT&T Shows Off IoT Tech with Smart Burritos

Turning your Internet of Things data into usable information can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s what AT&T’s Joe Anderson said to a crowd at this week’s LiveWorx 2015.

Data storage was a hot trend throughout the conference, and Anderson, global practice lead on Industrial Internet of Things, had plenty say on the topic.

Anderson introduced AT&T’s new M2X Data Service, a cloud-based data storage and management tool designed to cope with massive amounts of IoT data.

M2X helps developers access and manage time-sensitive data.

With M2X, developers can easily collect and disseminate connected device data in a reproducible way with a solution that is reliable, scalable, and secure, Anderson said. And M2X is device, carrier, and network agnostic.

AT&T will use the ThingWorx platform to bring M2X to life.

“M2X stores data that will be fed into the ThingWorx platform to build applications quickly and expose data for realtime analytics,” said Rodney Holmes, senior manager of global partner enablement at ThingWorx.

Holmes attended AT&T’s hackathon in January and gave a brief demo on how the two platforms would work together.

At the hackathon, Holmes and his team created an application that will tell food vendors how much of each ingredient should be added to a burritos – it can even measure the amounts scooped by how heavy the spoon is.

This app would be a good way for management to be able to track how consistent their employees are when making burritos, Holmes said. You can see how many each employee has made and how they make them.

This application can also be used for people who are buying the burritos to see how much of each ingredient is in them – and maybe even calculate calories.

Holmes gave a brief demonstration to show how this would work.

Image: Carnitas burrito by T.Tseng on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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