AutoCAD Drawings with Gaps or Overhangs? No Problem!

We've all run into them:  AutoCAD drawings where the drafter clearly had no idea what an object snap was!  From a distance all looks fine and peaceful. But when we zoom in - Arggggggh!  There are gaps and overhanging lines all over the drawing! 

Gaps and Overhangs and Crooked Lines - Oh My!

AutoConstrain to the rescue!  Was this the intention behind AutoConstrain?  Of course not...but who cares if it's going to rid you of these pesky drawing afflictions!  You don't have time to clean up your coworker's drawings now do you?  You have much better things to do (like plan your vacation for example).

So check out my video - and you'll be on the road to beautiful, clean zen drawings in no time!  (Do it - you might just save a coworkers life!).