AutoCAD for Mac Shortcuts & Commands

Autodesk has created a keyboard shortcut guide for AutoCAD for Mac 2015. AutoCAD for Mac users will find this guide very useful especially if you often use keyboard commands in your workflow. The guide is free and available at this Autodesk website.

The guide also has a printable image file (in a PDF format) that you can post in your office, hand out to coworkers, or even create keyboard stickers with. It has a visual layout guide that looks like your Mac's keyboard and indicates what each button does.

If you are new to AutoCAD for Mac or are making the move from Windows this guide will be invaluable to you. Some of the buttons on a Mac keyboard a little different than a PC keyboard so from time to time you may become lost or at least a little bit confused. This guide will help.

This list is rather extensive and looks all inclusive meaning that it also includes all of the command aliases from the PGP file. The PGP file contains all of the shortcuts that we can type on the command line that are shortened versions of each command.

If you use AutoCAD for Windows you can go here for information on Autodesk’s keyboard shortcut guide here.