Autodesk AutoCAD Shortcut Guide

Autodesk has put together a robust guide of shortcuts for AutoCAD users. This guide is an eleven page PDF listing function keys, keyboard shortcuts, command aliases, and toggles, hot-keys, and a page of printable keyboard stickers.

Long time AutoCAD users will likely know many of these shortcuts, but it is also likely that they don’t them all.   Newer users though are likely to find this guide extremely useful if not invaluable.

I feel that many users are not aware of the CTRL toggles.  Make sure to take the time to review them. They may become a great time saver for you.

Here is the link to the website where Autodesk discusses and lists these shortcuts and tips.

Here is the link to the PDF that contains the same shortcuts and the keyboard sticker template.  You’ll have to print them out yourself.