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Autodesk Developer Network Members: Want More Money?

Hey, ARX developers! Want to increase your user base? Want to give your clients other CAD options? Want to make life easy for you, for a change? When Autodesk Developer Network members register as BricsCAD BRX developers, they only need to maintain ONE set of source code for their applications, while serving both AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms.

Here’s the workflow required to support both AutoCAD ARX and BricsCAD BRX APIs:

  1. Compile and link your code with ObjectARX to run on AutoCAD,
  2. Compile and link the SAME code with the BRX SDK to run on BricsCAD.

That’s it. Run your QA cycle, and you’re ready to advertise to the world that your applications run on BricsCAD.

BRX is 100% code-compatible with the standard C++ ARX interface

Set up multiple build configurations to manage the header include and library paths, and the rest of your settings can be identical. If your code is based on ObjextARX 2010 or higher, you can make use of utility headers in the BRX SDK to compile your code as-is. Could we make it any easier to support the #1 alternative DWG-based CAD system? (Well, yeah – we could be binary-compatible, but that would be TOO easy for you and way too hard for us <g>)

BRX is compatible with Autodesk ObjectARX version 2007 and higher, with full Unicode support. Want to know more? Here’s the link to the online Developer’s Reference.

Here’s the best part, Developers – you can get free access to the BricsCAD BRX SDK by simply registering as an application developer on the Bricsys website – – and checking the “Developer” icon on the application form.

It took longer for me to write this…

…than it will take for Autodesk Developer Network members to get signed up and running as BricsCAD BRX developers. We’re here to support you and help you market your applications to the BricsCAD Universe. This could be the best thing you’ll do today. Come and join us and see what hundreds of thousands of BricsCAD users across the globe enjoy every day. #ModernCAD with #NativeDWG

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