Autodesk University 2017 - Design/Make/Use a Custom Speaker That Goes to 11!

Autodesk University 2017 - Product Innovation Platform Track

There is a new Product Innovation Platform Design/Make/Use Track being planned for Autodesk University by Autodesk’s Garin Gardiner and your votes are critical to making this a loud reality. This track contains 5 classes that will take you through the complete Design/Make/Use process and as a bonus, you get a wicked custom portable USB speaker, that you designed and made.

You will start in Autodesk Eagle for the design of the electronics PCB board, then solder and test the completed circuit board, Using Autodesk Fusion 360 you will design the enclosure including drawings and renderings and then generate the machine toolpaths. At the end of the 5 classes, you will have new skills and knowledge and have your custom wood speaker enclosure machined on site that you can assemble and test.

Go vote for these classes and then plan to attend Autodesk University 2017 Las Vegas and make a custom speaker from concept to final real working portable USB speaker that you can take home.

Copy the class number then vote for each of the 4 current classes submitted in this Design/Make/Use track.

Class 1:
  Design PCB in Eagle and milled out with on factory floor

Part of a Design/Make/Use track where we will walk through designing a portable USB speaker. Start with this class to design a PCB circuit board with Eagle and a lucky few will get mill out their board after class.

  • Layout PCB board
  • Learn how to mill out PCB board
  • Prepare for next class to design an enclosure
  • See how PCB design fits into overall product design


Class 2: Class TBD Solder & Test board

Class 3:
CP125706-L  Design Enclosure

In this class we will design an enclosure for a portable USM speaker to house a speaker and circuit board that was designed in Eagle.

  • Basic sketching tools
  • Basic modeling tools
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Collaboration with extended team

Class 4: CP125728-L  Drawings & Rendering

In this class we will create 2D documentation and photoreal rendering from an existing portable USB speaker. In the final class we will create toolpath so on speaker enclosure.

  • Create 2D documentation from 3D model
  • Generate parts list from 3D model
  • Explore lighting and materials for rendering
  • Create photoreal rendering from 3D model

Class 5: CP125492-L  Add Toolpaths and see it milled out on factory floor.

This live class will be a hands-on demonstration of woodworking methodology for CNC routers. The class will cover a multitude of aspects of CNC routing from limiting your step downs based on your cutter diameter, to using tabs to hold down your work piece, to more advanced methods of 3D contouring and CNC joinery. Design intent and process are a key element of CNC router fabrication and attendees will leave with an understanding of both. During this class, attendees will see the complete process of product fabrication for CNC from Fusion 360 CAM techniques, all the way to cutting and assembling of an actual product.

  • Understand the methodology of CNC wood routing and CAM
  • Programming Techniques for CNC with Autodesk CAM tools
  • CNC joinery, design for assembly in woodworking
  • Advanced 3-axis CNC router techniques

I'm thinking my speaker will go to 11, just like Nigel’s guitar amps in the classic rock mockumentary Spinal Tap.
Volume to 11


The Future of Making Things is awesome, loud, and goes to 11.

Go vote and I hope to see you at AU 2017!