Autodesk University Extension (AUx) Johannesburg

I attended 3 different Autodesk Universities this year:  AU Brazil, AU Russia and of course AU Las Vegas.  While I certainly loved these exciting (and quite large) events - I must admit I am also a big fan of the AU Extensions. Smaller - true -  (around 400 to 500) people but just as filled with energy and enthusiasm from the attendees as the full fledged AUs!


AUx Johannesburg was a fabulous event (put on by WorldsView Technologies) that included a day of classes and a keynote (the Future of Design taught by yours truly).  The attendees were entertained by Zulu dancers at lunch time - and ended the day with a great cocktail networking reception. I sat in on an AutoCAD Tips and Tricks session where I learned a few new tips myself!  It was an exciting day of learning for everyone (myself included!)

I never really quite understood what these red covered people were supposed to be (although I remember being immediately deemed uncool when I asked).  They were all over the AUx Johannesburg conference and added a nice touch.

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The flight from Johannesburg to Las Vegas is so long (I can vouch for that!) and so expensive that very few get to attend the original AU.  AU extensions allow us to bring a sample of AU to them - and that is a very good thing indeed!

Blog4.5 I was thanked by so many attendees for being there.  It was my pleasure for sure as the attendees and WorldsView made it a day to remember. Nicely done everyone!  That said - a special shout out to Richard Smedley-Williams who did a great job as hosting and Dale Welch for all of his great marketing efforts.  The folks from Penguin were amazing as well (thank you for taking such great care of me!)