Autodesk University is Worldwide and coming to a location near you!

Autodesk University, which started in the US over 20 years ago, has blossomed into numerous events being held all over the world.  Let's face it - we can't all afford to make our way to Las Vegas every year!  Below you'll find a map that shows the dates and locations of all the AUs worldwide.

Note:  You'll see that some of the AUs are AU Extensions (AUx).  These are smaller events - but with just as much energy, networking and learning!

AU International

And where can you find me?  I'll be presenting at the Autodesk Universities in Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai and Mumbai, India.  And of course Las Vegas!  (I'm exhausted just thinking about it)

Soooooo - Is AU coming to your country?  Will I see you there?