Awesome new DIMCONTINUEMODE in AutoCAD 2014

We've all been there - we add on a baseline dimension only to realize that we forgot to switch to the dimension style of the original base dimension.  Ugh!  Why doesn't AutoCAD just know that we always want continued and baseline dimensions to use the same style as the base?  AutoCAD 2014 to the rescue! (all you drafting teachers can now relax at the atrocity of it all!)

The system variable DIMCONTINUEMODE has been added to AutoCAD 2014 to correct just such atrocities (and besides...we don't have quite enough system variables in AutoCAD).  When DIMCONTINUEMODE is set to 1 - which is (thankfully) the default - baseline and continued dimensions will follow along with all the style of the base dimension.  As it should be!