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Shaan's Iceland TripFor the past week I have taken some time off while traveling to our Sheffield UK office for Autodesk Design Night Sheffield and some Autodesk customer and partner meetings. I spent a couple days in Iceland on a stopover finding out I could save the company over half the airfare doing so and then spending some adventure time exploring Iceland and staying in yurts on my own personal dime and taking in some amazing geography for photography and some hiking.

With meetings again this morning, and then the big Design Night Event later today I will catch up and share more of the adventure soon as well as some highlights of Design Night and  beautiful Sheffield and Manchester UK area.

I love Iceland which is a photographers and outdoor lovers dream location, just not the extremely high prices for everything from food to fuel.

Here are a couple Iceland photos.

Shaan's Iceland Trip

Shaan's Iceland Trip

Shaan's Iceland Trip

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Iceland is an amazing place on our planet, but being completely overrun by tourists in locations within 200km of Reykjavik. I completely avoided Reykjavik except to fly into the airport then drive through it to head to the West Fjords and then around the South. My favorite small villages were Vik and Stykkishólmur and I can’t wait to return to spend more time exploring Iceland.