Back from Sabbatical (and back in the AutoCAD Saddle!)

I guess I left abruptly without an official send-off (sorry about that) but after 6 weeks off I'm back up and running!  I won't's tough going back to work after such a long break - but I definitely appreciated the break. 

I had quite the crazy travel schedule before I left - and enjoyed many great Autodesk Launch events (for AutoCAD 2013, Autodesk 360, etc).  So busy that I failed to post some of the great pictures that were sent to me from the events.  While the travel can be tough - meeting so many wonderful attendees along the way really makes it all worth it (and I'm not just writing that).   One such gentleman,Toon Beyls, comes to mind who attended my event in Brussels.  He went out of his way to present me with "the finest beer in Belgium" - Westvleteren beer made by Trappist monks. 

 I tend to be more of a wine girl than beer but let me just say that this beer was AWESOME!  My fellow European coworkers were quite jealous, and my son is still holding on to one bottle as his most prized posession!  A million thanks Toon!  (Toon also happens to have a blog called CADWORKX).

 I promise some AutoCAD tips in my next posting..thanks for your patience!