Background mask for Dimensional Text

The AutoCAD Test Development team works hard for sure - and they've been kind enough to give me a couple of juicy AutoCAD nuggets to share with you on my blog.  This first tip was posted courtesy of Chris Miller (thank you Chris!)

If you've ever wished for a backround mask for your dimension text (very useful in tight quarters) than you're going to like this handy tip!  You can get a background mask for standard text - right?   Unfortunately it's not so easy for dimensioning (but soon you will be "in-the-know"!)


There is an option to add a background mask for dimension text, but the terminology is a tad different.  To set a  background mask simply do the following:  DIMSTYLE > Modify… > Text tab > Fill color, then select Background

So there you have it!  A big shout out to the hard working guys in AutoCAD Test Development - thanks for sharing!