Born for CAD - Coming Soon - What is 3Dconnexion up to?

3Dconnexion released a YouTube video titled "Born for CAD - coming soon" recently and it has me wondering if they are (finally) releasing a mouse meant for CAD work. I know what you are saying, 3Dconnexion has released several CAD mice already. Yes they have but those mice are supplemental 3D based mice. Users still need a "regular" mouse to work with.

Let's take a look at the video:

Well I'm hyped!

I love 3Dconnexion's line of products (I've had/used several) and I am very excited at the idea of them making a "normal" mouse that is designed for CAD use.  Right now I use a gaming mouse (Logitech G700s) for my CAD work and I love it. 3Dconnexion was a subsidiary of Logitech at one time. That was probably why they couldn't produce a CAD mouse before. Now that they are a fully independent company they can produce this type of hardware. I am very excited to see what they can do.

Why do I think it's a mouse? Great question. Well here are some clues that I gleaned from the video:

The video starts off with this text: A NEW VENTURE
This tells me that 3Dconnexion will be presenting something they haven't done before. They have only done 3D mice so it's obviously not a new one of those.

This text says: INTELLIGENT ERGONOMIC DESIGN. What type of input device is always billed as being "ergonomic"? Mice are. Keyboards too but you can clearly see this is not a keyboard. Note (hint: look at the red arrows that I added) the button looking thing with an arrow head. that clearly looks like a side button on a mouse. Also note the ridges (again, look at the red arrow). That looks like a thumb rest are on an "ergonomic mouse". Or am I wrong? I've been wrong many times before and I might be wrong here. But this image screams MOUSE to me.

This text is: SMARTER THAN AVERAGE. So whatever this is (it's a mouse ok?), it will be smart. Smart means programmable. Programmable means mouse. If you look at this image I think we are seeing a scroll wheel or an extra programmable button along with a left and right standard mouse button. It could be a side view of an extra programmable mouse button.

This last image says: BORN FOR CAD. that's exciting because there really isn't a mouse made specifically for the needs of CAD; except for 3D mice. And in this image you can clearly see mouse button edges (I've pointed to them.) (You see them too right?)

I may be totally wrong about this but I strongly feel it is a mouse that was designed for CAD users. this mouse is stylish, ergonomic (because CAD people use mice all day long), smart (programmable), and importantly it is coming to us soon.

How soon is soon? Hopefully it is just weeks and not months. If I hear anything I will let you know.