BricsCAD 3D Modeling With Real-time Pan, Zoom, Rotate

Smooth, high performance graphics make for a great CAD user experience

Smooth graphics make CAD better

Are you tired of glitchy graphics? Are you wasting time waiting for your CAD software to “catch up”? Well, whether you work in 2D, 3D or both, BricsCAD delivers smooth real-time graphics performance. How does Bricsys do it? It’s all thanks to the REDsdk unified graphics system. REDsdk is a technology toolkit that gives BricsCAD fantastic rendering capabilities and graphics data management.

In the video, we’re using the 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator to view the water filter assembly from every angle. The SpaceNavigator™ gives you six degrees-of-freedom to view and edit your model in any orientation. With this advanced 3D navigator in your left hand, and your computer mouse in your right, you can have the ultimate 3D modeling experience.

The result? Performance that rocks on just about any hardware. The video was created on a HP workstation from mid-2011 and a NVIDIA Quadro K2200 graphics card, running on Windows 10 Pro. Imagine how fast it will perform on current hardware!

The BricsCAD development team is happy, too

With REDsdk managing all of the graphics functions of BricsCAD – 2D, 3D and photo-realistic rendering – the development team can focus on other tasks. This allows them to build new features and workflows faster. Think about what this means to you and your company!

Bricsys CTO Luc De Batselier says this about BricsCAD’s choice of graphics technology:

With REDsdk we found the perfect middleware granularity. This 2D/3D graphics kernel is flexible enough to enable us to integrate our own customizations to meet our specific needs. REDsdk brings speed, scalability and graphics stability to BricsCAD. I would never start my graphics (system) from scratch, but I’d use REDsdk instead.

BricsCAD Head of Development, Hans De Backer, talks about the integration of REDsdk into BricsCAD back in 2009:

Business strategy is one thing, and engineering another… plugging a new component – especially a graphics system – into existing software is like doing open heart surgery. I was very happy to discover that REDsdk was compatible with our (existing) graphics code, and we weren’t forced to throw away years of work.

BricsCAD represents the future of .dwg

We’re serious about being the best .dwg-based CAD system available. If you draw in 2D or design in 3D, BricsCAD brings you the graphical power you need to succeed.

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