BricsCAD Editions – Which is Right for You?

Three BricsCAD Editions == Freedom of Choice

There are three BricsCAD Editions. Which one is right for you? Here’s the top level:

  • Classic is for the 2D AutoCAD® LT user that wants more (including LISP) for less money, including a buy-once, use-forever perpetual license
  • Pro is for the 2D or 3D AutoCAD® user who needs CAD Applications to supplement their workflow (for less money, with a perpetual license)
  • Platinum is the future of .dwg-based CAD. It’s a platform for BIM and MCAD workflows… with all of the Classic and Pro features inside!

Here’s a bit more detail about each of the BricsCAD editions.

BricsCAD Classic

Are you using a “Lite” CAD product and feeling trapped by its lack of customization capabilities? BricsCAD Classic brings the full customization power of LISP to .dwg-based CAD. LISP is the powerful “list processing” programming language that sits at the heart of AutoCAD®. Imagine fully customizable 2D CAD for less, and you’re thinking BricsCAD Classic. Want to know more? Read my blog post, “The Power of BricsCAD Classic”, on the Bricsys blog.

BricsCAD Pro

BricsCAD Pro brings LISP, 3D and the full strength of the Bricsys application developer community to your desktop or laptop PC. If you work in a vertical market, chances are good that there’s a CAD application available for you. Applications run as compiled programs that add industry-specific commands to your CAD workflow. And unlike the industry leader, BricsCAD Pro is available as a forever (perpetual) license.  Does this sound good to you? Check out my post: “CAD Applications and BricsCAD Pro” on the Bricsys blog.

BricsCAD Platinum

BricsCAD Platinum will change the way you think about .dwg-based CAD today. Have you heard that mechanical design and Building Information Modeling can’t be done in a .dwg-based CAD system? Well, the other guys would like you to think so. Bricsys doesn’t believe it – and they’ve build MCAD and BIM workflows into BricsCAD Platinum to prove that .dwg is the future, and BricsCAD Platinum is the future of .dwg-based CAD. More info in my post at, “BricsCAD Platinum Changes Everything”.

Need help choosing?

We’re Techevate, and we’re here to help you decide which of the BricsCAD editions is right for you. Call or email us – we are the BricsCAD experts in the USA!

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