BricsCAD Features: Upgrade to V17 Now!

Yes, we know: new BricsCAD features alone do not motivate our users to upgrade their software. The workflow that you’ve developed is important to getting drawings out, and getting drawings out is important to getting paid. We’ve spent our lives designing things and documenting those designs, just like you. We promise, we get it. You don’t want to talk to a salesperson. You just want to get your work done.

But if you’re on BricsCAD V15 or earlier, you really need to consider an upgrade to BricsCAD V17. I spent several hours working through the new feature lists for both V16 and V17 and was amazed at the depth of workflow improvement in both releases – but especially in our newest release, V17. My gathered list starts with general BricsCAD features, then moves through 2D into 3D assembly modeling, BIM, sheet metal and BricsCAD Communicator.

Features that were new in V16 are denoted with a star “*” – all others are new BricsCAD features in V17.

BricsCAD Features new in V16 & V17:

  1. Native Windows 10 Support
  2. Ultra High-resolution Display (UHD/4K) Support
  3. 64-bit VBA on Windows x64 platforms
  4. DWG compatibility: Release 12 (1993) through AutoCAD 2017 (DWG version R20.0)
  5. DXF compatibility: Release 9 (1987) through AutoCAD 2017
  6. Quad cursor supports tabbed panels *
  7. Ribbon bar slide-out panels
  8. PromptOptionFormat variable for command option display compactness / clarity
  9. Dock-able Layers Panel – continuous access to Layers while drawing
  10. New, speedy Welcome Dialog for drawing and profile selection
  11. Associative ARRAY feature *
  12. New dock-able Content Browser
  13. Dimension Style Families / Dimension Style Comparison
  14. Dimension Sub-units – factor / suffix
  15. Drawing Data Extraction Wizard *
  16. Drawing File Lock System with WHOHAS function *
  17. Optimized EXPORTPDF command
  18. Shift-key override for FILLET radius == 0
  19. Geographic Location Dialog, filter-as-you-type display of Coordinate Reference Systems
  20. Partially transparent, adaptive GRID display
  21. New APPLOAD dialog supports .BRX, .TX, .LSP, .NET and .VBA
  22. Export all visible objects to the model space of a new drawing *
  23. Real-time Layer Search Control
  24. Multi-line ATTRIBUTE definitions from the property panel
  25. Geometric Center (GCE) Snap Mode *
  26. …including snap to the GCE of a Paperspace viewport!
  27. Enhanced Sheet Set Features *
  28. New SPLINEDIT command
  29. Tabbed, dock-able Panels / New Toolbars / ToolPalette Groups
  30. Transparency by object or by Layer *
  31. New drawing view creation tools (VIEWBASE commands) * with PLACEVIEW
  32. XREFOVERRIDE display property control for XREFs
  33. Fast switching of Visual Styles
  34. ANIPATH command to record fly-throughs of a 3D model

New Assembly Design tools with component-based features:

  1. Enhancements to Assembly Cloning, Externalizing, Localizing and Replace functions
  2. Automatic file name conflict resolution
  3. “Replace Similar” insert option
  4. ETRANSMIT includes mechanical components in the transmit set
  5. Improved manipulation and flagging of failed components
  6. User-defined Component-based parametric features (BC_UNITE, BC_Subtract layers)
  7. “Insert as” property for Components – external or local
  8. Component materials, with support for physical properties
  9. Right-click to add user-defined Components to ToolPalettes for easy selection
  10. Parametric components can be modified during insertion (BMINSERT Edit)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) add-in for BricsCAD V17 Platinum:

  1. IFC Export Certified to IFC Coordination View V2.0
  2. Elements contain all properties defined by the IFC Coordination View CV2.0
  3. Site, Building, Story and Room Elements
  4. New Structure Panel
  5. Data Extraction tool processes all BIM elements in the model
  6. Easy Door and Window classification for user created elements
  7. Display Composition property per element
  8. BIMSECTION creates model views simply
  9. BIMDRAG performs Booleans when extending 3D solids
  10. BIMDRAG can take a BIMSECTION along for the ride when dragging
  11. (and a LOT more in this second release of BricsCAD BIM!)

Deformable modeling / Direct modeling (DM):

  1. The BricsCAD V17 core modeler is now based on ACIS 2017
  2. DMEXTRUDEMODE allows Boolean operations when extruding
  3. DMSELECT for selecting adjacent edge with similar convexity, G1 or G2 connectivity
  4. DMTWIST modifies solids / surfaces / regions by twisting around an axis for an angle
  5. DMAUDIT validates 3D solid and surface geometry
  6. Enhanced POLYSOLID creation tools
  7. The ERASE command now supports edges and faces of 3D solids; replaces DMDELETE
  8. Surface Modeling – Extrude, Loft, Sweep or Revolve both open and closed curves
  9. New tools for Generated Layout Views
  10. Lofted 3D Solids *
  12. 3D model Comparison Tools
  13. New 3D Constraints – cone half-angle and 3D distance constraints
  14. Improved 3D Constraints – lines, circles, arc, xlines and rays supported as arguments
  16. XEDGES creates lines, arcs and circles from edges of 3D solids, surfaces and regions

Release 3 of the BricsCAD world-class Sheet Metal design add-in:

  1. Fully parametric Form Features
  2. Feature validation of lofted bends
  3. Enhanced control of bend line properties via new system variables
  4. Material K-factor now defined as a system variable
  5. New SMREPAIR command replaces SMRETHICKEN; fixes incorrect bends
  6. New options for bend relief(s)
  7. Component material data exported in .dxf or .osm files

BricsCAD Communicator is new for V17!

  1. Communicator supports hidden parts and materials on import
  2. XCGM file import support
  3. Alternate search path support for Creo, Inventor, NX, SolidEdge and SolidWorks formats
  4. Export of product assembly structure to IGES/STEP

Our Conclusion?

I’m sure that I missed a bunch of small details (and I completely ignored the thousands of fixes in the READMEs), but my eyes hurt and my fingers are tired. If you made it all the way down here, I applaud you! Just remember, we know that the number of new BricsCAD features isn’t the most important thing. It’s about innovation, and value and bang-for-your-buck. It’s not about new things for new things sake; but new tools to help you get your work done faster and more efficiently, all inside #NativeDWG files. It’s about you! #LoveBricsCAD


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