BricsCAD: Gold Standard for LISP Development

If you write LISP routines, you need BricsCAD!

I’ll never forget the day I told my buddy Vince about BricsCAD. He’s been writing killer LISP routines (and large-scale programs!) for twenty-plus years. I had to pester him a bit to get him to actually download and install it; but a couple of weeks later, a client of his needed an update to an existing application and Vince decided to use BricsCAD for the project.

He called me a couple of hours later and said “Holy @#$! – this is an amazing product! My routines are running perfectly, with no modifications… and they are running faster than they did in AutoCAD!”. Even though he was surprised, I wasn’t. BricsCAD is 100% code-compatible with AutoCAD’s AutoLISP. And all three versions of BricsCAD – from the $550 BricsCAD Classic (the AutoCAD LT competitor), through the $680 BricsCAD Pro (the AutoCAD killer) to the $1,020 BricsCAD Platinum product – all three support full LISP development and run-time features. Think about that – a product that costs less than AutoCAD LT (!) with a PERPETUAL USE LICENSE and full, 100% AutoLISP compatibility.

Do I have your complete attention, yet?

If you’re a developer of LISP, DCL, DIESEL, COM, VBA, ARX or .NET applications for Computer Aided Design, you should look at BricsCAD. (I know that we’re talking about LISP here, but if you write AutoCAD ARX applications, most will run in BricsCAD Pro or Platinum with only a recompile / re-link.) Bricsys’ programmers understand what it means to write code for a living. If you do the same, you should spend an evening with BricsCAD. We think that you’ll be pretty excited about what you will discover.

You can find the BricsCAD Developer reference here. You will find a great resource in Ralph Grabowski’s book, “Customizing BricsCAD”, downloadable here, free of charge. I mean, seriously – what more do I have to say to get you to try BricsCAD for your next CAD programming project?

We’re here for you. That’s a promise from Bricsys, and from us here at Techevate. Grab a copy of BricsCAD Platinum, free for 30 days, at the link below. Install it and load your applications. Let us know what you think.

BricsCAD Free Trial Download

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