BricsCAD Solution Build (BSB) > AutoCAD OEM?

AutoCAD OEM Developers – this is important stuff

AutoCAD OEM is generally associated with a stripped-down, or “light” version of the original AutoCAD product. The trade-off? Customers who buy AutoCAD OEM-based applications don’t have access to all of the functionality in a regular AutoCAD license. This path was designed to lower your cost to license the OEM engine, and generally assures that your application won’t compete with AutoCAD. Good for Autodesk? Absolutely. Good for you, or your customers? Not really.

There’s a much better way to deliver your products. It’s called BSB, or BricsCAD Solution Build.

Bricsys, the makers of BricsCAD, follow a different path. BricsCAD Solution Build (BSB) offers a better experience for our development partners than AutoCAD OEM, and allows you to include full BricsCAD functionality in your product. Why? We feel that going to market as one organization with a unified approach – something we call “The Collective” – makes more sense than crippling our developer’s products. Bricsys is working to build an eco-system that includes distribution partners, application partners and Bricsys itself. Pretty cool concept, eh? We thought that you’d like it.

BSB delivers a consistent platform for your customers to help them:

  1. Discover your solutions,
  2. Secure a trial version,
  3. Purchase your products and
  4. Get timely product support services

Think about the advantages of delivering your application and BricsCAD (Pro, Platinum, Sheet Metal or BIM) as a single installer – with your branding. Imagine delivering your application’s power along with all the BricsCAD specific tools you want to include, for a price range comparable to non-BSB developer applications. Choose the licensing you need: rental, perpetual, volume or network. All languages supported by BricsCAD are supported by BSB, in every BSB product, and each initial purchase of a BSB-based application product includes a BricsCAD “All-in” Subscription.

Excited yet? Good! Let’s get started:

Step One: port your application software to BricsCAD. Your AutoCAD-based applications move over using unmodified source code. The BricsCAD engineering team are experts with LISP, .COM, .NET, ADS and ARX – and they will deliver dedicated support to all application developers who need assistance in porting their solutions. Need more information? No problem – you don’t have to commit to BSB to get discovery assistance from the Bricsys development team. Just register as a developer and reach out!

Step Two: customize your branding via a simple XML file that lives in the BricsCAD startup folder. You also have the ability to create custom “Get Started” dialogs with customizable navigation. And when your product launches, the splash-screen will display your logo and graphics as a “Powered by BricsCAD” application.

Step Three: request your BSB build. We want give you maximum flexibility in providing a quality experience to your customers. We’ll build a dedicated installer for you, too.

Step Four: create your bundle by combining BSB with your custom components, support files and application. During installation, the BSB license will be silently activated along with your application, providing a seamless customer experience.

Step Five: publish your BSB solution on your website, and link it to the BricsCAD Applications Catalog.

Is that it?

Yep. Just start selling. You’ll also get access to the Bricsys Online Administration (BOA) tool, where you can access and update customer (and prospect) information and history. Accessing price lists, creating customer-facing proposals and checking your invoices can be accomplished in one place with BOA.

What’s Next?

Find out more on the BricsCAD developer page, then contact us here at We’re excited to see what we can make together!


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