BricsCAD V17 BIM – An Alternative to Revit®?

BricsCAD V17 BIM – The Best Alternative to REVIT® – 100% Native .dwg!

BricsCAD V17 BIM brings the power of Building Information Modeling to the .dwg world. Create intuitively without limitation as you would do in SketchUp®– with 100% precision. BricsCAD BIM combines the most advanced 3D modeler with full IFC certified BIM functionality.

The greatly expanded BIM add-in for BricsCAD V17 brings the power of Building Information Modeling to your desktop. Industry pundits have said that it couldn’t be done – yet BricsCAD V17 BIM offers an intuitive BIM workflow, in a familiar and comfortable workspace, completely within the native .dwg environment.

Each step of the workflow was designed for you – create massing studies with direct, push/pull modeling techniques while maintaining full precision in the .dwg database. Modify your concept designs easily with drag and drop building features. Add intelligence to the model as you see fit. Visualize your intent by slicing sections, creating elevations and making presentation renderings to present your ideas with high clarity.

V17 BIM is fully IFC-compliant

All elements of your BricsCAD BIM project – walls, floors, columns, windows doors, etc. – are automatically classified in V17. BricsCAD V17 BIM will guide you through the process of adding IFC-compliant data to building elements. Automatically generated 2D sections show all building details – keeping everything synched with the final construction document set. The direct integration of Chapoo lets you mirror the BIM geometry and data on your desktop with a connected version in the cloud – enabling seamless project collaboration.

BIM for BricsCAD is a separate module, which runs on top of BricsCAD V17 Platinum. It is available at a special promotional price until the end of November, 2016. The cost of BricsCAD Platinum and the BIM for BricsCAD module is $1,180 through the end of this month. If you’re interested in moving to BIM, this is your ultimate opportunity!

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