BricsCAD V17 is the Future of DWG-based CAD

We’re speechless regarding BricsCAD V17…

…it’s just that good. The wait for the future of DWG-based CAD is over. BricsCAD V17 is here, with an excellent IFC-compliant BIM workflow. BricsCAD V17 is here: with a killer Direct Modeling workflow, seamless read/write of industry standard MCAD files and the third release of the world’s best sheet metal modeling and unfolding system. Are you ready for the kicker? It reads and writes native DWG files. Not enough for you? It’s available as a perpetual license, too. More? The installer is… less than 300MB. Hard to believe, yes?

Believe it. I remember working with my peers in a previous life, trying to figure out what the heck we were going to showcase when demo’ing new releases of another very popular DWG-based CAD program. Release over release, for more than a few years, there was just nothing new to highlight. More stability, generally. More new options, yes – but nothing exciting.

Last week in Munich, the Bricsys development team demonstrated the powerful new features and workflows of BricsCAD V17 for over four and a half hours! I’m not even sure where to start in describing these exciting tools, but I am painfully aware that countless new features DO NOT equal productivity! It’s all about your workflow; it’s all about getting your designs documented so that you can bill for your work / build that building / machine those components… who has time to mess around with learning a new CAD system?

This is the beauty of BricsCAD. Now in BricsCAD V17, more than ever – it’s all about you. Work in 2D using tools you know – tools that speak your language. Load and run your existing LISP routines directly. Get your work done without pain – and, when you are ready, take advantage of the next generation of BIM and Direct Modeling tools. In the same product. Using that same user interface that you already know. Saving your work into industry-standard DWG files. Running on your desktop and laptop under Windows, OS X or Linux. With a perpetual use license.

We could go on, but there’s much more to come in the next few weeks. We’re excited, and you will be, too.

(Note: current BricsCAD customers – there’s no better time to jump on “All-in” subscription; get V17 and Priority support for less than the cost of the upgrade to V17!)


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