BricsCAD V17 is here!

BricsCAD V17 is here – the best alternative to AutoCAD® just got radically better

We at Bricsys know that adding countless new features does not equal increased productivity. When you use a CAD tool like BricsCAD V17, it’s about your workflow; it’s all about getting your designs documented so that you can bill for your work; build that building, machine those components or fabricate that assembly.

BricsCAD V17 greatly strengthens your ability to create and design in both 2D and 3D. Today, you can work in BricsCAD using familiar 2D drafting tools – tools that work in a language you know well. You can get your work done fast, because all three editions of BricsCAD load and run your existing LISP routines directly. When you’re ready, you can use BricsCAD’s world-class 3D tools – without re-learning, without changing your workflow… without starting from scratch.

BricsCAD is unique as the only .dwg-based CAD system in the world to support industry-standard 2D Drafting, Direct 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design and Building Information Modeling workflows in a single, familiar user interface – all inside the .dwg file format!

NOTE: If you are on a BricsCAD “All-In” support contract, you already own V17! You can download and use V17 for Windows right now.  If you have not received your new V17 license code, please let us know. (Mac and Linux versions will be available soon.)

Here are just a few of the top user-requested features in V17:

  • The new dock-able, modeless Layer Explorer keeps layer names and layer settings at your fingertips while drawing and editing.
  • V17’s new dimension style families let you easily create derivative styles from a single parent dimension style. The new compare dimension styles feature in the Dimension Styles Explorer makes short work of organizing your dimension style catalog.
  • You can document your models faster with expanded section views – full, half, offset, and aligned sections are now automatically generated and stay associated with your models as you refine your designs.
  • The next evolution of the “dynamic block” is here in BricsCAD V17. BricsCAD parametric components makes the creation of pre-defined features, such as parametric holes, form features, and ribs simple – and you can place and adapt these components in 3D with a series of mouse clicks.
  • Need to compare your model with a client’s or a vendor’s? The 3D compare function lets you open two drawing files, and uses intuitive color coding to instantly report on the differences between their 3D solids and surfaces.
  • Support for high-resolution screens (UHR) makes 4K a reality for BricsCAD users.

If you’re not on All-in subscription, it’s a great time to upgrade to BricsCAD V17. BricsCAD V17 is available at special reduced promotional prices only until the end of November, 2016.  Call or email us for an upgrade proposal today!

For more details about V17, go to

For a detailed new feature presentation by Bricsys Head of Development Hans De Backer, go to (as Steve Johnson of says, Hans is no Lynn Allen, but he’s still really good :).

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