Building the Factory of the Future Today

If you are a world class manufacturing organization staring down innovation today, what would you see? What would your business models look like, and how would you be able to better provide value to your customers?

There’s been lots of talk about additive manufacturing being a segment of the future factory, what some call industry 4.0.  But moving from prototyping to a more production centric additive manufacturing factory floor can present challenges for any organization looking to embrace the digital factory of the future. Scalability and optimized production processes that rely on platform based technology solutions have been hard to pin down. Offering customized product output on-demand still seems like a dream for many. And while persistent challenges are sure to exist, there are many ways in which that future factory is already here.

Today we introduced our first 3D printing platform featuring interconnected print cells and automated workflow.  The Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator is our most recent announcement from the RAPID 2017 show floor. It’s a modular machine built with the following tenants of technology in mind, reliability, scalability and repeatability.  Tackling the multiple jobs in parallel allows for an efficient production lines that are able to utilize additive manufacturing tools and techniques not previously available, bridging the factory of the future with the ones we’ve built for today.

Click here to view client case studies utilizing The Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator technology.
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