Callisto Makes Data Real-Time with IoT

In the competitive world of manufacturing, companies need real-time visibility across all people, systems and “things” to make accurate decisions and improve overall performance.

However, key data is no longer sourced from in-house systems alone, but spans multiple systems throughout the supply chain.  The complexity can create numerous pathways for error.

Companies can’t take the chance of making a wrong decision, especially in the manufacturing industry, said Daniel Purcell, manager of business development and consulting at Callisto Integration.

Speaking to an audience at LiveWorx last week, Purcell described how Callisto helps eliminate margin for error, while enhancing productivity. The company designs, develops and implements systems, tools and training for its manufacturing customers. Callisto uses the ThingWorx Internet of Things platform in its solutions. “The ThingWorx platform approach enables Callisto to bring together data and not worry about underlying systems,” Purcell said.

Additionally, Callisto uses IoT technology in-house to address its own productivity enhancements. “By using the ThingWorx dashboard, we can tell the health of our own company in real-time,” Purcell said. For example, it aggregates data from all of its systems to provide Callisto employees with KPIs to better understand performance levels.

Callisto applies the same experience and knowledge to its customers as well. It enables manufacturers to identify and predict key performance issues quickly to keep their facilities running efficiently.

View the presentation to get a more in-depth look at how Callisto, along with ThingWorx, provide real-time data and visibility across disparate systems.



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