Can't explode a block?

Have you ever come across a block that you could not explode? You might try and get this message:

Command: explode
Select objects: 1 found
Select objects:
1 could not be exploded.

The ability to restrict blocks from being exploded was added many releases ago, but I still see a lot of users confused by this. Here is how to "fix it".

What you need to do is redefine the block and allow it to be exploded.

  • Run the BLOCK command and select the desired block from the list.
  • Now check the box that says "Allow exploding", then click OK.
  • If there are instances of this block inserted in the drawing, you may get the dialog shown here asking you to confirm your decision to redefine the block:
  • If there are no instances of the block inserted in the drawing, then you may get this similar confirmation dialog:
  • Either way, confirm that you want to redefine the block.
  • Now you will be able to explode an insertion of this block definition.

There is another (fairly rare) reason you might not be able to explode a block, and that is if it was inserted using MINSERT. If that is the case, the command line will tell you when you try to explode

Command:  EXPLODE
Select objects: 1 found
1 was minserted.
Select objects:
None found.

In this case, you will have to erase the MINSERT and reinsert the block(s) and explode the blocks as needed, or Autodesk has an alternative method listed here on their KB.