Coming Soon…BILT NA

The BILT NA (formerly RTC) conference is being held August 3rd-5th at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. CAD Panacea author Kimberly Fuhrman will be co-presenting a session on FormIt with Autodesk’s Tobias Hathorn. The class session is entitled “More FormIt 360 (+Revit), Less Napkin Sketches”. The intent of the class is to dissect architectural conceptual design practices, and show how the use of FormIt and Revit together can help bridge the gap between concept and construction.

Architects are true artists when it comes to conceptual design, whatever format that takes. Napkin sketches, pencil drawings, Sketchup…you name it. And then most times, the more junior staff take those sketches and turn them into construction documents, often recreating what has already been modeled. FormIt can take those initial designs right into Revit, eliminating the sometimes subjective interpretation of the intent of the design model. Design can then continue using both Revit and FormIt throughout design development and documentation. Kimberly and Tobias will give you the helpful hints you need to streamline your design process.

We are looking forward to the trek north and hope we will see you at BILT NA !