Cool everyday features in AutoCAD 2014

While it's always the big features that get all the attention when a new release of AutoCAD comes out - it's the everyday features that often provide the biggest bang for your buck!  Let me give you a couple of examples:

1.  Now you can use the control key to easily reverse direction when drawing an arc.    
 AutoCAD just loves to draw arcs counter clockwise - doesn't it? Now you can help AutoCAD kick the CCW habit by simply holding down the control key.

2.  With AutoCAD 2014 you can FINALLY fillet an open polyline to itself. Hoorah!

3. Blocks with attributes - now display the dialog by default.
Essentially - the system variable ATTDIA is set to 1 (as it should be)

4.Single line text maintains the last justification setting!
You know what I'm talking about use the Center justification for DTEXT and it resorts right back to Starting point (left justified) the next time you execute the DTEXT command (or TEXT for that matter).  AutoCAD 2014 will remember the last justification and set it as the default for the next time you use single line text.

So there are a few cool AutoCAD 2014 features...more to come soon!