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When it comes to serious marker work, bleed-resistant paper can make all the difference in your finished product. And when you’re already spending a small fortune on markers, investing in the right paper just seems to make common sense.

The Bleedproof Marker Pad from Copic scores high points for blending quality and price in a competitive market. While the paper is (naturally) designed to be used with Copic Markers, the paper serves as an ideal bleedproof surface for any alcohol-based marker. 560w, 768w, 1100w" sizes="(max-width: 1500px) 100vw, 1500px" />

Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, A3, 50 Sheets — $16.91


  • Thin, bleed-resistant layout paper
  • 11¾” × 16½”, paper weight: 70 g/m2 (~20 lb)
  • Fifty sheets


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