Crea-Lab: A Telecom Startup Fuses Vision and Know-how with PTC Creo

After 20 years of working in design, development, and production for telecommunication firms, Reinhard Feltgen had an idea for a new engineering company. He would bring high-quality technical solutions to small- to medium-sized businesses, all with a spirit of openness and collaboration.

But it takes more than vision and experience to launch a successful startup, especially when older, more established competitors already exist. To get his company Crea-Lab off to a running start, Feltgen would need tools that would help him work just as quickly as those other companies—maybe even faster.

Designing for Telecom

Telecom is a highly technical, fast-moving field. To see the work a modern telecom engineer produces, consider fiber optics. The fastest networks in the world send data up to 100Gbit/second using light signals along threads of glass barely a 10th millimeter in diameter. Unlike wire or cable, you can’t twist, solder, or crimp the ends together to extend a line. Light pulses need an uninterrupted path. So, you cut the ends in geometric patterns and line them up just so. Or, you fuse the glass together with a small arc. Then you protect the connection with a metal crimp.

Ed – watch the video below for an introduction to fiber optic cables:

That’s exactly what Crea-Lab does in the animation below. In this case, Feltgen’s company designs the crimp, which it says has the advantage of not applying additional heat to the connection.


Click on the image to start the PTC Creo animation

The Right CAD Tools

Feltgen invested in PTC Creo as his 3D design software. PTC Creo Parametric provides powerful yet flexible 3D CAD capabilities for faster product development. It automates tasks such as creating engineering drawings, performs analyses, and creates renderings and animations.

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With PTC Creo Parametric, Feltgen can design higher-quality products and communicate more efficiently with manufacturing, suppliers, and customers.

Plus, the team can quickly create variants with little additional effort. So similar products take progressively less time to create. “Using PTC Creo provides me with numerous capabilities to develop the highest quality product designs demanded by our customers,” says Feltgen. “It helps us quickly deliver customized products based on our customer’s specifications.”


Has Crea-Lab’s investment in PTC Creo paid off?

In short, yes. The company today produces more in less time, and with better quality. Crea-Lab says it can now develop products 50% faster than the competition.  And the company consistently receives quality ratings 20% higher than the industry average in design and manufacturing.

Best of all, by consistently coming out ahead in those areas, Crea-Lab generates revenues 10% above expectations.