Customizing BricsCAD

“Customizing BricsCAD” – a free eBook for you from Bricsys!

Every click counts when you’re working as a production drafter. You have a job to do, and you have a deadline to meet – remove one click from a workflow that you do dozens or hundreds of times a day, and you’ll save hours over the course of a month. That’s the key premise of customizing any CAD software: making it easy to perform repetitive tasks without straining your wrist(s)… and with the update of Ralph Grabowski’s “Customizing BricsCAD“, you can make BricsCAD your own.

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Jump to page 7 in Part I, and you’ll find Ralph’s “58 Tips for BricsCAD Users”, which is a great place to get started customizing BricsCAD. Chapter Two gives a comprehensive tour of the BricsCAD Settings dialog – a powerful tool that groups all of the BricsCAD settings (a.k.a. “system variables”) into one searchable location.

In Chapter Three, you’ll learn how to control the BricsCAD environment, define your support file paths, and save your personalized user settings via the User Profile Manager. Adapting the BricsCAD user interface is the subject of Chapter Four.

In Part II of Customizing BricsCAD, you’ll have access to everything you need to know to customize menu bars, context menus, toolbars, button icons, ribbon tabs and panels, keystroke shortcuts, aliases and the incredible BricsCAD Quad. If that’s not enough – you can also customize BricsCAD’s mouse actions, tablet buttons and rollover properties, and store all of your changes in a custom workspace.

Part III focuses on intermediate level customization, like building tool palettes, designing linetypes, building hatch patterns, using shape and font definitions, and coding field text. In Part IV, the hardcore customizations start with scripts, LISP, DCL and VBA. Finally, in Part V – there’s a full reference of BricsCAD commands and settings, with a concise reference for DCL and LISP programmers.

Not bad for free, eh?