Almost all professional players use the delay pedal with the aim at forming new style applying echo sounds. However, in terms of using a pedal for playing guitar or playing piano, it is not a simple and only those who are really professional and understand deeply about playing and composing music pieces can discover the effective way for using the tool. I am certain that when using a Best Delay Pedal you may have to deal with a lot of problems. Therefore, today I want to give the analysis for some basic problems and tips to use a delay pedal.

  1. Basic problems

The fact shows that the delay sound that you create when you play guitar is similar to the sound formed when you shout loudly in a cave. The formation of the delay has some familiar features.

The delay sound in fact can be regarded as the repeating sound. The time delayed for the sound is subject to your control on the pedal. There are some problems with the sound if you do not know how to control it properly. In this part, I will show you some common problems that a player can fall into.

  • Echo sound lasts for too long

This is the most common problem that a player comes into when they start to use the delay pedal. Why does it happen so common? It is because the player’s feel for the sound created is not good and they do not also understand what they focus when they play. Therefore, sometimes they pedal for too long and concurrently, they sound lasts so long that it will become bland.

  • Use the delay effect not at the right time

In fact we could create the echo sound at any chord if we want. Nonetheless, it will be not effective if we add the effect in a wrong place. The sound will be deformed and the combination of all the chords in the whole piece will be a failure.

Each player will have their own way to use the pedal and add the echo effect in different places. As a result, the sound created is different and the feel of listeners will be dissimilar.

Some players are very successful in forming new echo sound effect while many others fail to do so. Learning to master using a delay pedal takes time and each player should be willing to spare more time for this.

  • Echo sound over the main music piece

As mentioned above, the echo sound can be focused more than the beautiful chords in the music pieces and the reason is that the players do not know where they should concentrate on and where they should impress. Therefore, the echo sound is more impressive.

  1. Tips to use a delay pedal

As there may have some problems as above, we had better learn more about how to use a delay pedal. Using some other types of pedal can be much easier but creating an echo sound seems to be more difficult. Hence, we should have some tips bellows.

  • Differentiate controlling knobs and understand their functions
  • Learn to add the echo sound effect to one chord first to see the result
  • The combination of echo sound and the whole track should be in a harmony
  • The echo sound can be compatible with gentle, soft or strong music track
  • Estimate the length for the echo sound effect in each piece
  • Give a trial to several styles of delay sound and follow one or two best suitable styles

To sum up, after buying a new delay pedal for your instrument, you had better learn to use it. If you are well sensitive to the music sound and can feel how it is changed during the music piece is being played, you will be able to discover the working principles of the delay. By contrast, if you also know to play your instrument but you cannot use this tool by yourself, it is advisable for you to take a course that tells you about the way the delay pedal works. More importantly, you also have to buy a really good and suitable pedal giving delay sound.