Did You Know? Design Reviews for the Rest of the Team

Projects move more efficiently when everyone can use the same language and tools for design reviews. The trouble is that not everybody has PTC Creo Parametric on his or her computer, leaving any non-engineering team members scribbling on printouts and PowerPoint slides or crowded around the nearest CAD jockey. For the rest of the team—managers, marketers, clients, and others who need better access and insight than you can get from a screen shot—try PTC Creo View.

Design Reviews with PTC Creo View

Using PTC Creo View, team members can see a design in interactive 3D, providing feedback and limiting errors at every step of the review process. For example, a project manager marks up a drawing and returns it to the design team for review. PTC Windchill saves the drawing, along with changes and notes, tracking revisions along the way. Simply put, PTC Creo View with PTC Windchill is your team’s virtual huddle.

Here are a few things you should know about the viewer:

  • PTC Creo View comes in several forms, depending on your needs. The basic free version is PTC Creo View Express. The next step is PTC Creo View Lite, which includes PTC Windchill integration. MCAD and ECAD focused versions of PTC Creo View have support for mechanical and electronic design, respectively.
  • The basic controls, like zooming or panning, are the same ones used in PTC Creo. So once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of inspecting models in PTC Creo View, you can easily work with any other app in the PTC Creo family.
  • Does everyone on your team have a high-end workstation? Maybe not. Even though it’s a lightweight program, PTC Creo View can import and display large files. Newer versions do this approximately 10x faster while using a smaller memory footprint.
  • There’s even a mobile version for design reviews on the go.

How it works

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With PTC viewing software

 PTC University has posted an online tutorial to show you how to open and view projects in PTC Creo View. An instructor takes you through the introductory steps and demonstrates how to quickly investigate a 3D model.

While you’re learning the ins and outs of PTC Creo View, think about the ways you can implement this powerful tool in your own projects and reviews.



Click the link below to view the tutorial for free. I’d recommend creating an account as there are are 700 more tutorials just like this one waiting to show you how to use PTC products effectively.

Did You Know is a series on the PTC Creo blog that describes interesting and useful applications and features with links to free demos and tutorials showing how to use them.