Did You Know? Getting Better Results from Your Analyses

In PTC Creo Simulate, you analyze the integrity of your models by indicating values such as constraints, forces, and materials. Then, choose an analysis that you’d like the system to run. Sounds easy, but how do you know if you chose the right analysis or even the right options for your given model? And how do you know your results are accurate?

PTC Creo Simulate can tell you.

What’s PTC Creo Simulate?

If you’re not familiar with PTC Creo Simulate, it’s available as a standalone app or as a highly integrated extension of PTC Creo Parametric (PTC’s 3D CAD software). PTC Creo Simulate brings you a structural, thermal, and vibration analysis with a comprehensive set of finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to study how your 3D virtual prototypes will perform—before you make your first physical part.

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It’s integrated with PTC Creo Parametric, so engineers and designers use the software as they develop their designs to optimize their work, saving time and money. For example, you can determine quickly whether the material you chose for a spring will hold up under a given forces with PTC Creo Simulate. If your model fails, you can quickly change the material or some other parameter and run the analysis again.

More Accurate Analyses

Recently, the PTC Creo Simulate has been enhanced to make you better at executing your analyses. That is, the system can now tell you, based on your selected constraints, loads, and materials, whether you chose the right analysis. It can even suggest a more appropriate material if your first choice fails.

PTC University has posted an online tutorial to show you how it works. An instructor takes you through the introductory steps and demonstrates how to quickly analyze your model and your choices.

While you’re learning about PTC Creo Simulate, think about the ways you can implement this powerful tool to build better projects.

Click the link below to view the tutorial for free, and doesn’t require a login. If you’d like to see more, I’d recommend a visit to PTC Learning Exchange. You’ll need to create an account—but it’s free and there are 700 more tutorials just like this one waiting to show you how to use PTC products effectively.




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