Digital Esthetics Covers New E-Denture Material

Digital Esthetics Magazine | August 7, 2017 ~ Digital Esthetics covers the release of EnvisionTEC’s new E-Denture material.  The 3D print material is FDA-approved for the 3D printing of lifelike dentures.

Dental labs and dentists can now combine a pink 3D printed denture base and tooth restoration into a denture that patients can wear for long-term use.

Paired with the company’s FDA-approved E-Dent 100 and 400 materials for the 3D printing of tooth restorations, EnvisionTEC now offers a complete digital denture workflow solution.

“This new material expands EnvisionTEC’s already industry-leading dental materials library,” says CEO Al Siblani. “Even more importantly, E-Denture gives our 3D printer owners the ability to print even more materials.”

Both E-Denture and E-Dent can be 3D printed on EnvisionTEC’s Vida desktop and Perfactory production machines.
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