The Digital Foundry of the Future is Here: Viridis3D

Simple Solutions That Work!™ | May 1, 2017 ~ Looking on the horizon, it is crystal clear that foundries will be going digital, but, at the same time, questions about when and how that change will take place are less certain.

As large foundry customers — primarily big original equipment manufacturers or OEMs — continue to build out their own cycles of digital design, product development and manufacturing, they will eventually expect their suppliers to be all-digital as well, so their whole supply chain can deliver a virtuous circle of benefits. 150w, 376w" sizes="(max-width: 163px) 100vw, 163px" />

Howard Rhett, Technical Lead/Applications

Howard Rhett of Viridis3D talks about why they are working diligently to bring this future closer to the present, for even the smallest foundries. While in the beginning stages of offering an all-new and affordable form of 3D printing — Robotic Additive Manufacturing — that has the potential to dramatically streamline operations and give users a competitive edge.

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