Discover the New License Types in Maxwell 4

What’s changed with Maxwell 4 licensing?

We’ve “unzipped” the old, generic Maxwell Suite package from V3, and Maxwell 4 license seats are now based on the 3D platform that you use. This means that you only pay for the tool you need, and we can focus more on each 3D integration individually, and bring you improved usability.

You can choose from a total of 11 plugin integrations, and our standalone editor Maxwell Studio will now be sold separately:

  • Maxwell |3ds Max
  • Maxwell | Cinema 4D
  • Maxwell | Revit
  • Maxwell |ArchiCAD
  • Maxwell |Rhino Windows
  • Maxwell |Rhino Mac
  • Maxwell | MODO
  • Maxwell | Solidworks
  • Maxwell | Maya
  • Maxwell | SketchUp
  • Maxwell |FormZ
  • Maxwell |Studio

Note: A few of the plugins previously available in V3 such as Softimage and Lightwave have been discontinued due to low demand or discontinued support from the developer.

What’s included with the new plugin integrations?

Each plugin integration is now packaged together with the full Maxwell toolkit which includes:

  • Maxwell Production Engine
  • Multilight™
  • FIRE (interactive preview engine)
  • Materials Editor
  • Real camera model
  • Network tools

So you have everything you need all together in the same install.

How does this new licensing model work when upgrading from V3?

When you upgrade to Maxwell 4 from a previous version, you select the integration for the 3D platform that you use (or you can select Studio if you don’t use the plugin workflows). For multiple seats you can choose a different integration for each seat that you upgrade. Upgrades include 10 free rendernodes with every seat.

Can I still use Maxwell Studio?

Maxwell Studio is now sold separately, so if you use the Studio workflow then you just need to buy Maxwell | Studio. It comes with the complete Maxwell toolkit (as listed above).


Do I need floating or node-locked licenses?

With Maxwell 4 you can choose node-locked or floating license types. BOTH license types support rendernodes and network rendering.

Node-locked licenses are locked to the computer where the license is installed and cannot be shared on different machines. Maxwell 4 node-locked licenses allow you to install on your work PC and also another copy on your laptop/home computer.

  • Pros: Node-locked licenses are very simple and easy to install and require no further management.
  • Cons: Node-locked licenses need to be installed manually on each machine and cannot be shared across a network.

Floating licenses can be shared across a local network which means that they can be called up and used on any machine where Maxwell is installed (via a license server application).

  • Pros: floating licenses offer maximum flexibility and control to manage licenses across local networks with multiple users and/or render farms.
  • Cons: An RLM license server application is required (free to install) to manage your floating licenses. Potentially more complex to install and manage (depending on your network set-up).

As a rule of thumb, if you have a small studio with only a handful of computers, node-locked licenses are simpler to set-up and use. If you have many machines, where installing individual licenses becomes impractical or you have different users at different times, then a floating license set-up is advantageous.

Why is there a price difference between floating and node-locked?

Floating licenses occasionally require more technical support from us to help you set-up or manage, and the system also requires more work from our development team. This is reflected in the price. If you only need node-locked licensing then you pay less.

What about the post production plugins?

The post production plugins (Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects) continue to be offered as free plugins, available for download at any time from the customer portal.

We hope this helps explain the changes with Maxwell 4. Our aim is to provide simplicity, so that you can focus on artistic side of your work.

Next week you can come back to this post to find out the full 3D platform feature list and pricing. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome :)

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