Do you know how to buy a good quality helmet?

Buying a good helmet seem difficult with someone. You don’t worry about it. In this article, I will help you the way to choose a good helmet for you when ride a motorcycle.

There are three common types of helmets on the market today: the type cap covering the first half, covering the head, ears and hats to cover both functions. The best type is the kind of hat shielding the head, ears and jaw, especially those who ride large displacement or distance run. It should be noted that when buying best motorcycle helmet that must be stamped address standards specify the manufacturer and according to standards of the world.

  • Considering the size of the weight

You need to check the size and weight of it so that the caps fit and comfortable for you as possible and its weight is not too heavy on your mind. With state of the Vietnamese, the best exponent weight should be between 0.5 to 1kg.

You should also pay attention choose caps with adjustable straps to ensure the most comfortable to wear. A hat with a strap loose will can be ripped from the beginning when the collision occurred. Strap too tightly can because you trouble breathing, irritability affect the ability to control the car on the road.

Check the external surface of the helmet should be smooth, smooth, no sharp objects or juts out. The external building helmet is not convex than 3mm.

  • Consider night classes

This is the most important parts of the helmet. Many people think of this as soft padding, the better. Nevertheless, on the advice of experts, foam core of the hat must be hard, smooth and not dented when pressed fingers. What kind of hat with windshields must be transparent, clear and honest view images outside?

  • Competitor

You must not skip this step. Because you cannot be sure, it fits securely without the head and tentative. Spend at least 5 minutes for the team to try to buy the hat. You may feel less comfortable places of hats while trying to then make a correct choice for you.

  • Colors and design

With many young people, this is the first criteria when buying a hat. Helmet with bright colors will help improve the ability to identify when on the road. The light-colored hat or have the ability to identify possible when riding on the road will risk the lower the accident. Especially when dark, try to choose to buy light-colored hat and contrast as possible.

Helmets have a protective effect, minimizing trauma on the head part, especially traumatic brain injury, when the accident occurred. Therefore, when buying a helmet, should buy the caps were checking, testing, quality assurance standards (usually stamped on the cap). Only helmets are included quality assurance protective effect for motorcyclists when the unfortunate accident risks.

  • With any weather

Helmets good heat resistance to any weather, not allergic to the skin, hair and does not affect the health of the team. Helmets should choose just the beginning and the outer surface glossy, smooth; do not use bolts, metal screws David. The snail’s helmet must not exceed 3 mm protruding. Hard shell of the helmet should cover the need to protect parts of the head and ensure good vision and hearing ability of the team. Thick layer of foam inside right, hands pressed into porous layer shows smooth, not lumpy.

  • Choose the right size

For helmet fits your head or not, outside the view of the cap measurements, we can hat on his head before he pushed his cap, back and sides. If you see a hat moved about 5-10cm should choose smaller categories.

Quality helmet is designed reinforced with fibers also help cap Carbon durable and lighter. Hat but big and bulky but it really helpful when we bring them in traffic.

When accidents happen, if quality helmet you can:

– Reduce the risk and severity of head injuries by 69%

– Reduce the cost of treatment-related accidents

– Reduce the risk of death up to 42%

Each of us needs to raise awareness of law observance of traffic, contributing to pull off a traffic accident, the protection of life for themselves and their families. Take a glass helmet right for both the youngest member in your home