Don't miss the Revit Technology Conference!

I've heard all about it...I've wanted to go for years ...and (finally)  this year I am thrilled to get a chance to participate in the North American Revit Technology Conference.  And I simply don't see why you shouldn't be joining me!

The North American Revit Technology Conference is in beautiful Vancouver, Canada at the perfect time of year - July 11 through July 13.  The weather will be great, the view will be amazing and all that great Revit and BIM content is just the icing on the conference cake!  Held Thursday through Saturday (your employer gives a couple of days, you give a couple of days) - you'll be surrounded by all the great BIM minds - just think of all the questions you'll get answered!

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At the Revit Technology Conference you'll have a chance to learn best practices and some incredible tips and tricks from the industry's top Revit experts.  Rumor has it over 400 papers were submitted for this year's event - so we are all in for some amazing presentations! 

And let's not get started about the networking!  Where else are you going to get a chance to hang out with so many of your peers, who are facing the same challenges, and helping you find your way to the BIM light? You will meet people at RTC you will stay in touch with for many years to come (I've heard all about that from so many past attendees).

So if you use Revit - promise me you'll sign up today. I want to see you there!  I'll even buy you a  (free) drink at the reception!